It should go without saying that the following links are to sites that we do not control. Therefore, we cannot necessarily endorse all of the content on the sites. However, these are sites that we have found helpful in our efforts as college students to be positive witnesses to Christ on the Texas State campus.

The University Church of Christ in San Marcos is primary supporter of the Bobcats for Christ ministry. They have been working with our ministry since its beginning.

Texas State University at San Marcos. Wanna know more about Texas State? This site should be able to tell you anything you want to know, as well as a lot that you couldn't care less about

The City of San Marcos. Never been to San Marcos? Find out about our fine city.

Campus Crosswalk is a web-based magazine dedicated to "making the gospel of hope clear for college age young adults and those who work with them. "

Apologetics Press publishes materials related to Christian Evidences and Apologetics. On their site you will find excellent resources for defending the Christian faith.

Christian Courier is an online magazine dedicated to investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues.

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